Sainfoin is a non-bloating, perennial legume that is highly nutritious, and very palatable for grazing animals.

Sainfoin is also an excellent deer attractant and bees readily take nectar from the pink flowers and sainfoin nectar makes excellent honey.

Sainfoin does not require fertilizer and provides nitrogen fixing capabilities, cutting feed and plot costs significantly.

Sainfoin is very winter-hardy and drought resistance and provides excellent high quality forage for cattle, elk, deer and all grazing species.

Sainfoin will not tolerate wet conditions and performs best on well drained soils.

Sainfoin is similar to alfalfa, but is taller, non-bloating, shorter lived, will bloom one to two weeks earlier and does not have a lot of regrowth after cutting.

Sainfoin is resistant to the alfalfa weevil and is resistant to the root rot phase.

Sainfoin has many tall, hollow stems, 60-80 cm or more. Sainfoin leaves are compound with 5-14 pairs of oval-shaped leaflets and a single leaflet on top.

Sainfoin produces cone like clustered flowers at the end of long stem stalks.

Seed pods are flat and contain a single, dark olive, brown or black large seed 4-6 mm.

Sainfoin has approximately 18,000 seeds per pound.

Plant 1/4" and NO MORE THAN 3/4"!

Sainfoin matures early in the season for grazing. When used for hay, cut at mid to full bloom, recovery will be slow.

Unconsumed sainfoin seed will readily germinate on soils with a moisture, so adequate residue should be left behind to maintain moister conditions for natural recruitment and increased stand longevity.

Product Type: Wildlife Perfect Seed

Producer: (None)

Treated: No

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1lb. $3.00

Planting Rates
Stand alone20-30
In mix10-25
Rates are Acre

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