Kura Clover (Coated)

Kura clover is a high yielding, high forage quality clover with good disease resistance. Kura is also highly persistent (there are stands in Minnesota and Wisconsin that are over 15 years old and are still persisting!)

Kura Clover is a robust, perennial legume that is similar to, but significantly different than red and white clovers.

Kura Clover is pre-inoculated, making it quicker and easier to establish, giving it the push to get going stronger the year it is seeded, and under proper management will do well with competition grasses. Kura clover has deep, stout taproots and a complex series of underground rhizomes, allowing individual plants to spread from 6-12 inches per year after successful establishment.

Kura is ideal for organic growers because it is a long term perennial source of Nitrogen and creates a living mulch in a perennial cover crop. Kura clover tolerates lower pH and fertility than alfalfa.

It is extremely hardy (much more than alfalfa or medium red clovers) and will tolerate severe continuous grazing-ideal for rotational grazing.

Kura clover establishes well with orchardgrass, tall fescue, bluegrass, reeds canarygrass, bromes, timothies, birdsfoot trefoil, and both red and white clovers. These companion species should be seeded at moderate seeding rates. Ryegrass and festuloliums can be added after Endura has successfully established. When seeding, it is ideal to use a brillion seeder, a no-till drill or a cultipacker. Seed to soil contact is vital to having a successful stand. Take caution to not plant seed more than 1/4" deep.

Producers must realize that Kura clover is more difficult to establish than either white or red clovers. Competive grasses must be controlled, especially during the first six weeks of growth. Newly established stands must be grazed or clipped if established with grasses to reduce competition. Herbicides may be applied for weed control if sowing a pure stand. Weed control and proper grazing management the first year is vital to stand establishment.

Product Type: Clover

Producer: AMPAC

Inoculated: Yes

Treated: No

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1lb. $11.00

Planting Rates
Stand alone6-8
Rates are lbs. per acre

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