Red Top Plus Forage Sorghum Hybrid

Red Top Plus Forage Sorghum Hybrid is a high yielding, Gene 6 forage sorghum that can be used for grazing, hay, silage, and haylage.

Red Top Plus is a male sterile plant, meaning it will form a seed head BUT DOES NOT PRODUCE SEEDS!

Red Top Plus Forage Sorghum has a good track record for tonnage, yielding 15-26 tons per acre.

Red Top can get 7-9 feet tall and has excellent drought tolerance and palatability, due to its sweetness and brown mid rib trait. The brown mid rib also allows for better digestion of the sorghum, thus more benefit to the animal with less waste.

Product Type: Sorghums, Sorghum-Sudan, & Sudangrass

Producer: (None)

Treated: No

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50lb. bag $64.00

Planting Rates
Stand alone12-15
Rates are lbs/acre

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