Milo or Grain Sorghum

Milo or Grain Sorghum is used for general wildlife cover and for chopping. Milo is used in the South where it does well in a warmer climate. Most varieties will get 3'-4 1/2' tall. We use Milo in the North in our Soybean-Milo mix that is used for forage. Many bags are also sold to use in food plots for wildlife. However, do not use for horse hay or pasture.

**Plant when soil temperature reaches 60 degrees farenheit. (In the midwest this would generally be the end of May or in June.)

Plant 1" to 1 1/2" deep.

Product Type: Sorghums, Sorghum-Sudan, & Sudangrass

Producer: (None)

Treated: No

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50lb. bag $22.00

Planting Rates
Stand alone15
Rates are lbs. per acre

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