Duo Festulolium

Duo rated as the most palatable grass tested in U-Wisconsin Grazing study. Duo is recommended for hay, grazing, silage or green chop (direct feeding). When mixed with alfalfa or clovers, Duo provides a long lasting grass companion that will enhance the quality of the cow's diet. When seeded alone or with other grasses Duo provides excellent season long forage.

Duo combines the quick establishment, high feed value, production and palatability of perennial tetraploid ryegrass with the extra persisitence and summer productivity of meadow fescue.

Plant Duo at 35-45 lbs. per acre or 15-20 lbs. mixed with other grasses and legumes. If seeding Duo with alfalfa in a new seeding (where alfalfa is to be predominant) plant no more than 3 lbs. per acre. Plant at 1/4" to 1/2" deep. Duo can also be frost seeded.

Duo reacts well to nitrogen, like its ryegrass parentage. Before planting your pasture, test your soil and add lime and fertilizer as needed. Typically, 150 units of actual N per year is adequate. Apply 1/3rd in the spring and then evenly after each harvesting of the forage. If grazing, graze Duo down to about 3-4" after the plant reaches 10-12" in height. This will provide the maximum forage quality and leaf-to-stem ratio. As with any forage, management practices dictate the quality of the forage nearly as much as the genetics of the product. With proper management practices Duo should provide high yielding, high quality forage that will result in maximum farmer profitability.

Product Type: Festulolium

Producer: (None)

Treated: No

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50lb. bag $108.00

Planting Rates
Stand alone35-45
In mix15-20
Rates are lbs. per acre

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